Poppies grow naturally in conditions of disturbed earth. Specifically after the wars of 19th century in Western Europe and Northern France. Poppy flowers would grow around the bodies of the fallen soldiers leaving the scarred battlefields covered in beautiful poppy flowers, over time these delicate beauties have become a symbol of hope and remembrance.


how does it all relate? After years of infertility, marriage struggles, self doubt, belief shifts and many more trials i birthed a beautiful baby girl (not knowing what her name really represented) and we named her Poppy Rae Swenson . Her dad came up with her middle name the day she was born, he said “because she is our little ray of sunshine” Her birth brought hope and peace and happiness to my world and forever changed my future. She is my personal representation that there is beauty in the chaos and there is always lightness to the darkness. So I’m here to shed light on the silver linings and show you that poppies grow in the most unexpected places. So look for the poppies in the trials of your life. They will always show up with sunshine and be brighter than they ever were before.



A little about me.. hi I’m Ashlee! I am a widowed mother who lives for creating happy memories. I graduated in interior design and I feel most myself when I am tapping into that inner creativity. I dream about traveling the world and try to travel as much as i can. I’m a fanatic for all things beauty and fashion and deep down i really just crave connection and realness…. and chocolate chip cookies. This life has brought me many different crazy hard stories including infertility, death, infidelity, divorce of parents etc. while these all may be sad stories each one has helped me learn and grow in a new way and ultimately each story is full of love, and perspective. A new love to find within myself and a new outlook I’ve never had. My world revolves around my baby. She breathes air into my lungs. This is the beginning of a new chapter for us. A place to share my journey, things I’m passionate about and all the moments of healing, life and love in between. Thank you for your support and for following along on my crazy adventure.