Favorite Skincare

Cleansers / exfoliators

ONE- cult classic facial cleanser has been my go-to since I got it. refreshing probiotic gel cleanser that goes deep into pores to remove impurities without stripping or over-drying skin. TULA’s signature probiotics + superfoods promote skin’s natural balance and radiance. Leaves skin looking glowing, and primed for the rest of your skincare routine. Suitable for all skin types and ages, and especially excellent for dry skin.

TWO- Micellar cleansing water and gel are also very gentle on your skin but get your face super clean.

THREE- I have been loving these konjac exfoliating sponges. they leave my face buttery soft and exfoliate at the same time.

FOUR- using a sweatband while you wash your face will change your life. no more water down your sleeve and all over your counter. Best hack ever!

FIVE- cranberry gommage is a purifying exfoliant that cleanses, tones and decongests enlarged pores, leaving skin visibly clearer, smoother and more refined.

SIX- I love using facial brushes, Tao Clean Orbital Facial brush is amazing. it has a UV light that cleans the bristles which make for a perfectly clean wash every time!

Vitamin C

ONE- C-firma– A potent vitamin C day serum packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and fruit enzymes to firm and brighten skin’s appearance and improve the signs of photoaging. It does have a stickiness to it when first applying so I let it sit on my skin for a minute before I add any other products.

TWO- This daily facial anti-wrinkle serum is the prime dark spot corrector for face and helps clear and minimize clogged pores, breakouts, blackheads, and acne. You can’t beat this price! if you have never used a vitamin C serum before, snag this one!

THREE- This facial roller helps instantly contour and reduce facial puffiness while promoting lymphatic drainage and helping to tighten and reduce the appearance of pores. It also works to improve skin texture and tone and minimizes the appearance of dark undereye circles. The rose quartz is hand-selected from the purest, sustainably harvested rose quartz in Brazil.


ONE- magic dry ice– I’ve used this for years! it has so many natural ingredients, here is the description – Olive fruit, squalane, and raspberry seed oils replenish moisture and improve elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Cassia alata leaf extract (DN-AGE®) helps inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce free radical damage, while Lipobrite®HCA-4, derived from plants, helps brighten skin and provides antioxidant protection.

TWO- four O’clock flower – A daily hydrating gel that moisturizes deep within the dermis without clogging pores, to protect against environmental damage. Moisturizes skin with white cranberry complex, hyaluronic acid, and mucopolysaccharides. 

THREE- 24/7 moisture – Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a creamy, whipped moisturizer that delivers deep hydration to help revive dull, tired skin. Full of naturally derived probiotics + superfoods, this non-toxic cream reveals an even, glowing, youthful-looking complexion, and is formulated to be both light enough to wear under makeup during the day, and hydrating enough for nighttime.

FIVE- climate control- Anti-Aging Moisturizer An anti-aging moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin types made up of a proprietary formulation of two separate and extremely effective delivery systems, combined into one advanced technology, “DualSense”. Provide extra moisture for those times when your skin needs it most Enhances the anti-aging effects of SeneDerm SkinCare Systems Synergistically combines our amazing anti-aging SenePlex Complex with another remarkable complex, SelPlex

-I recommend purchasing this through a distributor just DM my girl HERE

FOUR- mermaid collagen serum – Our skin loses its youthful appearance as we age due to decreased collagen production, but this Mermaid Collagen Serum helps to replenish what’s lost, so you can keep wrinkles at bay and help your skin retain its elasticity. We chose marine collagen for this serum because the molecular weight is small enough (coming in at a slim 2000 Daltons) to penetrate the skin for deep hydration.

SIX- radiance oil– Age-defying rosehip seed works to rewind the clock by blurring the appearance of fine lines and boosting skin’s natural glow. Omegas strong in vitamin E help to soothe inflammation and the appearance of redness while natural antioxidants rescue skin from the oxidation process that helps keep it plump and dewy. 

SEVEN – the quench – helps to restore the fragile barrier function of the skin, and is designed to help even out the appearance of skin’s tone and help restore a youthful bounce and glow. It’s formulated with sunflower seed oil, which is naturally hydrating and contains linoleic acid, which reinforces the skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss. Antioxidant vitamin E neutralizes free radicals; beeswax, a noncomedogenic wax, coats the skin in a soft, thin layer, not only making it soft to the touch but preventing against moisture loss while repelling environmental toxins

EIGHT- night magic– A transformative night oil that softens, brightens, and hydrates with a blend of botanicals and broad-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD.

NINE- B-Hydra™ is a cool drink of water for thirsty skin. This hydrating serum replenishes the complexion and improves the look of skin texture and tone.
TEN- super glow– A one-of-a-kind hyaluronic, superfood self-tan serum formulated for daily use—soft, smooth, and lightly sunned skin in a bottle.


ONE- Gentle solution– my number one favorite product! Stimulates rapid cell renewal and deep exfoliation with ARCONA’s gentle-acting Glycolactolymer Complex. Strengthening the skin’s immune system and combating free-radical damage with a high-powered antioxidant complex. Decongests microcomedones to refine pores, smooth and clear skin. Nourish with algae, amino acids and chlorophyll for healthy, glowing skin.

TWO- Retinol cream– A clean, cutting edge formula with one-percent vegan retinol and superfood-rich ingredients to diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

FOUR- clear it up – Contains the highest percentage of salicylic acid allowed without a prescription, as well as azelaic acid, to clear up acne, prevent future breakouts, and brighten marks left by past acne.

THREE- beauty sleep repair treatment – Fueled by concentrated probiotics, superfoods, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids, this deeply hydrating overnight formula targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin to reveal a smoother, firmer-looking complexion. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin before bed and wake up to results.

FIVE – the soution pads– they have updated this product to be pads which I like way more than what I have, this product Decongests microcomedones to refine pores and leave skin smooth and clear. Amino sugars and glycoproteins help reverse photo-aging, smooth fine lines and clear acne-prone skin.


ONE- tea tree mask– Exfoliate, decongest and diminish pores with antibacterial salicylic acid and tea-tree extract. Detoxify and reduce breakouts with sulfur and grapefruit extract. Heal and calm skin with anti-inflammatory mint balm, allantoin and lavender extracts.

TWO- Biocellulose mask– opposed to regular cotton sheet masks, this mask won’t allow ingredients to evaporate as quickly. Super-charged with Adenosine which has proven anti-wrinkle benefits due to its ability to energize the skin’s surface so it looks smoother and younger. An added bonus, Niacinamide reduces enlarged pores, brightens dull and uneven patches and softens fine lines.

THREE- biocellulose firming mask – Since much of skin aging is caused by environmental stressors like volatile organic compounds from cars, train exhaust, UVA rays from the sun to pollen and pesticides in the air,  this mask comes packed with super-performing ingredients to protect from everyday pollutants.

FOUR- hydrogel eye mask– These under-eye patch masks are designed to help with the most common stressed-out skin problems known to busy women everywhere. Models swear by them and love our soft, gel-like masks to combat dark circles, crow’s feet, puffiness, and sagging lids, which can make anyone look ten years older than they already are.

FIVE- blueberry hydrogel eye mask– We added blueberry to these Hydrogel eye patches because of their well-known phytonutrient benefits. The Ferulic acid in blueberries are strong antioxidants and have been found to protect capillaries from damage. Couple that with caffeine and those dark circles are diminished.

SIX – watermelon lip mask– A natural free-radical fighter, Watermelon is also packed with Vitamins A & C and can help strengthen your natural collagen and elastin as the sun-exposed skin around your lips begins to sag.

SEVEN- detox in a jar– a detoxifying bentonite clay mask that cleans pores by pulling out impurities and providing gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin of essential oils. Probiotics + vitamin E nourish and balance, while antioxidant-rich blueberry extract hydrates and improves the look of skin tone. Suitable for all skin types and all ages, especially excellent for anyone with oily or blemish-prone skin.

EIGHT- detoxifying and moisturizing mask– This creamy, non-drying natural mineral and botanical-based treatment mask gently remove impurities from pores to reveal smoother looking skin. It helps to eliminate dead cells and works to soothe and diminish redness. Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone. Green Tea & Arnica flower – soothe and counteract redness Kaolin Clay – absorbs toxins Volcanic Ash – a gentle exfoliator

-I recommend purchasing this through a distributor just DM my girl HERE

NINE- detoxifeye eye maks- depuff eyes and calms skin.

TEN- mud mask- great price and high-quality mask to refresh your skin.

ELEVEN- A hydrating face mask that helps promote more youthful-looking skin. Formulated with antioxidant-rich Blackberry Leaf Extract to reveal younger-looking skin while Amla Extract helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cant beat this price!!

Spf / facial sunscreen

ONE – protect + glow – A broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides daily SPF 30 plus protection from damaging pollution & blue light—a must-have for indoors & outdoors. It leaves a gorgeous glow that wears well under makeup or on its own. 

TWO – spf setting powder – A setting powder that provides 100 percent mineral broad-spectrum UV protection with a flawless, satin finish—perfect for 

THREE- tinted SPF–  love this product!! SPF 44 protects your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays to prevent your skin from premature signs of aging and burning. The tinted formula masks imperfections while shielding your skin from harmful environmental aggressors. Designed for daily use, the mineral sunscreen features a hydrating base to maintain moisture balance and comfort all skin types, even the most sensitive.

FOUR – silk primer – It provides an immediate filter finish to the skin for a sheer, perfected look while protecting with broad-spectrum SPF 30. The lightweight, silky formula creates a perfect, no-pore, primed canvas for skin while providing ample hydration for normal-to-oily skin types, or additional hydration for dry skin types.


ONE- Glow starter – This daily illuminating moisturizer to helps hydrate and energize skin. It contains hyaluronic acid and green tea to energize and hydrate skin, plus highlighting pearl particles to blur, reflect, and, enhance the complexion. With three universal shades for any skin tone, wear one full shade alone as a moisturizer, or combine for a contoured and customized glow.

TWO- talked about this one above but added as a primer as well.

THREE – Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer – gives you a fresh-faced, vacation-worthy glow. Apply after moisturizer and before foundation to smooth the look of redness and uneven skin tone, and give skin the filtered look of your dreams. Chia, turmeric, licorice, and TULA’s signature probiotics leave skin looking naturally luminous and more hydrated.

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