Date night makeup

Concealer – I use this under my eyes, I also use it as a base for my eyeshadow so I will rub it in on my eyelids and around my nose, as well as any other spot that needs covering up. This product is one I can never go without, it doesn’t crease and its long-wearing. I get the color vanilla

Concealer brush– I love this brand of brushes, they are inexpensive and such good quality most of my makeup brushes are from this brand!!

Foundation– This formula is actually a color correcting tinted moisturizer, but it evens out my skin tone and gives such a natural look. I love it so much! you could also put in under your normal foundation if you need more coverage. To order this foundation head to my friends Instagram and DM her to purchase.

My Favorite Foundation Brush ok the one I use in the video isn’t my favorite, I feel like it absorbs too much of my makeup but I need to clean my other one. The brush I linked is so amazing, really great quality and will last you a long time! I’ve had mine for probably 4+ years!

Bronzer I have been using this bronzer for years, it’s such a great color, doesn’t have any weird glittery sparkles and gives you such a great natural glow. Worth every penny and will also last you forever. I’d say it will last me 6-8 months! I get the color Golden light.

Bronzer brush I have also used this brush for years. Its still one of my favorites and its super affordable.

Blush I just love the pigment in these blushes. I am using the color Amour. This is a great summery color.

I used my bronzer brush for applying the blush.

Eyeshadow This brand has my favorite eye shadows. Amazing pigments and the colors compliment my skin so well. This is the LA pallet and the color i used in my crease line was “earth” i used “sunny” on my brow bone and “clean” for my tear ducts. loving this pallet so much and also so inexpensive.

Eyeshadow Brush I love this because it has both ends, one end i use for my brows and the other end i use for my shadow.

Highlighter I got this for my birthday, I’ve loved the colors in this pallet. I am using the color “luxe” to highlight my cheeks, nose, upper lip and chin. I like using my eyeshadow brush to have more control.

Lips I love this color so much, this is a matte formula and I wouldn’t say its super long wearing but gorgeous colors. I am wearing “Pastel Petal”

I have fake lashes but I am adding the link to my favorite glue-on lashes, they are so beautiful full natural looking and my go-to when I ever need glue on’s.

There you go! comment below any questions you have for me!!


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