lets talk HAIR


I have had a bunch of questions on how I keep my hair healthy, how I curl it, and what products I use the most. I thought I’d answer all of them here. I believe its worth it to spend money on products that work and keep my hair healthy. I’m all about products that work for your hair instead of against it. These are my favorites

Shower essentials-

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner (No. 4 + No. 5 ) for the past couple weeks and love them! worth every penny! it’s helped my hair stay healthy and strong especially since i bleach it! I will mix my favorite purple shampoo in with it every other time to keep the ashy bright blonde. I stopped using the purple shampoo on its own because it can be very drying. so mixing it with a shampoo that is hydrating helps a ton!

After shower products-

I apply my oil and leave in conditioner when its been towel dried. Once its almost completely dry ill use my body mass at the roots (sparingly) and finish it off blowing my hair completely dry but focusing on the roots. I flip my hair over to dry and keep my hair upside down till my hair is cooled off and then I’ll flip my hair up again. After its flipped wait a little longer to brush it out. I add more oil after drying to bring a little more shine and strength.

Favorite Tools-

I have been using a couple of babyliss pro tools and love them! this blow dryer and this straighter have been my favorites.

This curling wand is very inexpensive and I love the way it curls! check out this blog post on how I curl my hair with this wand.

My mom recently got this wand and I love how ergonomic it is



All these products are my favorite must haves. If you have any questions ask me in the comments below! thanks so much for following along! I hope this was helpful!!

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