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Traveling with a baby is NOT EASY. I think we all know this, but having had my first out of the country experience with a toddler I feel like I learned a lot of what I liked and disliked. I wanted to share the things that made my life a little easier.

higher priced products that changed the game for me + used the most…

  1. STROLLER- This stroller, its the perfect umbrella stroller. worth every penny, it fits in the overhead compartment of the plane. It folds into a pancake. It’s light as a feather. It’s comfortable aka poppy took every nap in this thing so I assumed it was comfortable… are you sold yet? I won’t be busting out my Uppa baby Stroller for a Looong time! Its still my go to. they have attachments for smaller babies if your kid isnt big enough for this kind of seat.
  2. STROLLER ACCESSORIES- these are couple stroller accessories that helped a ton carrying stuff around. This stroller organizer we used it for our phones, train tickets, drinks, treats, gum etc it held everything! and these hooks. great for holding shopping bags and you can just keep them on the stroller!
  3. TRAVEL CRIB- We LOVED this travel crib. It folds up so small! I debated spending the money on it but after using it I thought it was worth every penny! Poppy has to sleep separately from me.. like not in the same room. So she slept in a lot of closets, showers, and bathrooms. As long as its dark and the bed fits its all good right? this bed fit in all the tight places we needed it too in Europe! it was so great! and I love having it now for smaller travels too! it’s light and super efficient! I would actually buy this over a regular pack and play! i tossed my big one out the window!
  4. DOWN BLANKET- ok, this down blanket we can’t go anywhere without! I couldn’t say more good things about it! its the perfect size, I put it under a blanket that I tuck under her mattress every night she loves this thing! it was great for the airplane. She was the most comfortable person on the plane without a doubt! this is a must-have in my opinion. it would also be an amazing baby shower gift!

Here are my favorite airplane tips that helped make the flight go smoother. She actually did pretty well considering all the flying we did. We went on four flights all together and by the end, she was a pro. I didn’t buy an extra seat for her on any of the flights and we just prayed so hard there would be one empty seat on the plane! we got lucky! Dane had to go sit away from us on a couple flights but for her to have her own seat was amazing! Before we left I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of random toys to keep her busy I unwrapped them all from the packaging and rewrapped them in tinfoil. It was honestly magic. She loved it! I had to put them all in one of my packing cubes with no mesh because if she saw them she wanted to open them all. I had to make sure we saved some for each flight! I would pick a few to bring on the plane and put the rest in our checked bag. I also downloaded a bunch of movies and shows she loves on the iPad. That’s always a last resort if nothing else works!

Check out this list of toys from Amber Fillerup it SAVED me.

Favorite airplane products-

  1. I brought these sticky numbers and she loved them!
  2. I wasn’t sure if we would be down for this blow-up bed thing but we actually loved it. it made her so much more comfortable and able to flop around. We got the koala kloud and it worked great and is so small it doesnt take up too much room!
  3. I ended up using this neck pillow and really liked it! I think I got to sleep like 3 hours on our flight to London and I have this neck pillow to thank!
  4. I love wearing fluffy socks on a plane, I actually forgot to bring mine but I’m adding it because they are the best!
  5. these earphones worked for poppy but I’ve seen those headband ones I feel like she might have liked too!
  6. I brought her sleep sack on the plane and it helped her to know it was bedtime. If there’s something they always sleep with make sure you bring it!
  7. I like to be as comfortable as possible so I wore some comfortable leggings (these are my FAV) and a big sweater because I always get cold and it can double as a blanket. if your pregnant get these ones they will change your life!!
  8. I also just packed my face wipes and toothbrush for the night flight as well as my concealer, blush, lippy, and perfume for a little refresh in the morning before we landed. It just made me feel not so zombie-like although I don’t know how much you could hide the bags under my eyes!

Packing for Poppy

  1. I wanted to make sure I had a good coat that would keep her really warm, I also just needed one for winter so I got this one and she loves it. She wouldn’t let me take it off most of the time. I love that it comes with built-in gloves and its reversible. It’s like a two for 1 woot woot!
  2.  These packing cubes helped me stay organized with our stuff, I bought two colors so could put Poppy’s clothes in the pink cubes and mine in the blue so I knew who’s was who’s just by looking.
  3. I used these space saver bags and it literally SAVED ME. yes, it made my bag 1000 lbs but I was able to bring all the things I wanted to. Poor Dane had to carry that bag all over kingdom come but man those space savers really work wonders! and these are the ones that don’t need a vacuum!
  4. As for outfits, i got a bunch of the same turtleneck onesies in different colors and then brought a few sweaters to go over and my favorite zara jeggings.

I’d say overall I stressed way too much about this trip, she was way better than expected (because I was expecting the worst) and it ended up being so much fun! a ton of freaking work but so much fun. my greatest advice would be to not stress so much and go with the flow (i know easier said than done). Realistically its not all going to go your way and that’s ok! you just figure it out! I hope this post helped! if you have any other questions just let me know in the comments below!



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