20 Toddler Gift Guide ideas

On my Instagram, I asked you guys your recommendations for toddler gifts. So I’ve rounded up your answers and gathered them here. See below for direct links to items! Happy Shopping!


  1. Laugh and learn puppy Poppy got this for her birthday last year and she STILL plays with it. it has three different stages to teach them as they grow. I swear she learned her ABC’s from this thing!
  2. Balance bike I have heard so many good things about balance bikes. This brand is the cutest I’ve seen!
  3. Doll Stroller Poppy has one like this and she LOVES IT! she puts her dolls in it and sometimes she will even get in it! ( I’m not enforcing that btw) but it’s a really fun cute toy that can also help with walking!
  4. THIS takes the mess out of bubbles. Poppy loves bubbles but they are so dang messy so I’m for sure getting her one of these.
  5. Mermaid Doll I thought this was so cute, Poppy has a thing for mermaids right now so this is definitely something I’m going to need to get her! I’m pretty sure any girl would love this doll.
  6. Art easel I especially love this art easel because of all the storage space, it would be a great place to put all the art stuff. I also love that it has a whiteboard instead of chalk.
  7. Magnatiles these things are so fun to play with. We will spend a good amount of time building a house with these to put her other toys in. you definitely want to get the bigger size because the smaller set just isn’t enough.
  8. Umbrella stroller this is the cutest umbrella stroller. I have a feeling Poppy would LOVE this.
  9. Royal family dolls I had to add these. How dang cute are they?! this is the type of toy she would carry around all day and I love that they have posable arms and legs too!
  10. YBike balance bike this bike is for smaller kids ages 1-3 and SO CUTE Comes with two sets of back wheels that help with balancing. I love that its a two in one.
  11. Kids teepee this teepee is a great price and I love the clean canvas look.
  12. All in one kitchen ok this all in one kitchen.. can you EVEN. It’s cuter than MY kitchen! It’s definitely of the pricer end but man this is one of those toys you want to show off because its so adorable and I could just see poppy loving this!
  13. Noah’s Ark puzzle I love this puzzle with all the animals. It would be a great teaching moment about Noah’s ark as well.
  14. Thomas the train ride on roller coaster ok this thing is the coolest. We don’t have one but Poppy has been on friends before and LOVED it. She could play on it for hours, this is the ride on the coaster so they actually get in the train and ride down the track! I mean how fun is that!?
  15. Doll House I love how open this dollhouse is. It’s big enough for more than one kid to play with its also so dang cute!
  16. Paw patrol pack  If your kids are into paw patrol this is the cutest backpack. It’s also a great price!
  17. Table top stove If you don’t want to get a full kitchen this is a great option to just get the tabletop stove. I love the style of this one.
  18. Toy organizer This is actually more for you. This toy organizer would be really nice to throw the toys in and it’s easily accessible for them too!
  19. Numbers Puzzle Alphabet Puzzle Poppy loves these! great for learning abc’s and numbers.
  20. Doll kitchen sink this is the perfect in-between if you dont want to buy the bigger kitchen and its ADORABLE.
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