Fall into Confidence





As I’ve thought about this subject and how i got to the place I’m in now. I’ve noticed a pattern. My confidence tends to ebb and flow like a rollercoaster, when it goes down it goes down hard and fast. Every time it dips, it gets lower and lower. This low place is where i have to really look at myself.  The raw and unfiltered version. From this dark and lonely place is where the wounds will eventually scar over and the skin will thicken. When you get to that low place you know the only way to go is up. Thats the thread of hope i hold on to every time i dip into the darkness. Because i know from experience the rollercoaster always gets to that high point making it all worth it.

So here i stand a year later…. ready to fall into a new beginning. I’ve seen myself go through something extremely hard but I’ve never felt more empowered with myself. It’s different this time, in my past i felt like i needed something to bring my confidence back in aka getting pregnant or receiving validation from others. But what I’ve realized is that if you have the courage to stand up to that darkness all on your own thats when the real confidence is born. your confidence is born out of fighting for yourself and loving yourself. I will no longer put up with toxic relationships. I don’t have the energy for mindless drama. I’ve learned from my past and taken the lessons with me. When negative thoughts creep in, i think about all the things i love about myself. I live every day trying my hardest to be my best self and evolve in a bigger way. I am excited for my future and have a ton of hope for what it has to offer. I know the rollercoaster will come again but for now i’m going to really live fully in the beauty of this high.

‘The constant striving to find security in every aspect of our life can feel like a revolving door. Will you be able to step inside safely? or will you be spit onto the sidewalk with skinned knees? Either way, it’s a lifelong journey where we are asked over and over again to chase down. Catch it, embrace it, and then start all over again. Confidence wears many hats and is woven into every aspect of our lives. Whether in business, family, relationships, talents or abilities, we are tested over and over again.” – Tresa Martindale my mom wrote the most beautiful post on confidence and i have to share it HERE

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