Transforming emotions



Anger has been an emotion I’ve been feeling all year. It’s propelled me into a journey of self discovery and really helped me with the hard emotions of loosing my husband and reset of my life. The anger i have held on to is fueled by the betrayal, loss and unanswered questions. What i really feel happening though is a huge shift within myself. I’ve been forced to really look at myself and figure out.. who is this new person I’m stepping into? I’ve had to become stronger and bigger than ever before and its terrifying. But at this point, what do i have to loose?

I’ve never looked at emotions this way before but what I’ve learned is that when you process emotions and really look at the raw vulnerable wound, you see yourself in a different light. you gain a compassion for yourself that you maybe didn’t have before, or you realize things you want to let go of that are not serving you.

In our latest podcast we talk all about the year anniversary of Paul’s passing and how we processed the dense heavy energy of that day, what we know about Paul’s passing and transforming tragedy stories into creation stories. My mom wrote a beautiful post about ways to process your emotions¬†HERE.



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