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Welcome to Where Poppies Grow. This is so much more than just a blog for me. Its the beginning of a new beginning. After loosing Paul the urge I had to create something of my own was so big I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So this is my humble beginning, my small internet home. My space to share favorite things, my healing journey, new beginnings and everything along the way. My hope in it all, is that you find some sort of inspiration here for your own life.

The name Where Poppies Grow came after my husband had passed, looking up the deeper meaning of the poppy flower and what it represented. Coming to realize poppies are the symbol of remembrance and hope. In the wars of the 19th century of western Europe poppy flowers would grow around the bodies of the fallen soldiers. Covering the scarred battlefields in the beautiful delicate flower. I couldn’t relate to this idea more.. my life became a battlefield after Paul went missing and my Poppy Rae of sunshine was there the whole time ready to smile at me and comfort me when I needed it most. When I was at my lowest points I just needed to hold her and her sweet spirit would instantly calm me.

My hope for Where Poppies Grow is that you can leave this space having more inspiration for your own life. Whether you are going through a really hard trial and looking for hope, or looking for inspiration about beauty or fashion. I’m here to make it a little more meaningful. To help you see that you are not alone and that poppies will grow in the most unexpected places. Thank you for following along on my wild ride. Your support means everything! comment below any topics you’d like me to cover.





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  1. Would love to know more about your belief shifts you mentioned. Are you Mormon? Were a Mormon? I’m not, but always love to hear faith journeys, so I’d love to hear yours! xo from Texas!