Meaningful jewelry

I’m talking jewelry today. Good quality jewelry is always something I am willing to save for. When I’m picking out pieces, I always think about the ones that will be left behind as a legacy to my kids someday.  I’m so thankful that Paul invested in items that I can pass on to Poppy.  Each piece that I have holds so many beautiful memories I can’t wait to tell poppy about. Engraved jewelry especially leaves behind a powerful talisman. There is such strength in words, and when you wear names of loved ones or an empowering statement, the energy becomes woven into the fabric of your day to day life.  I think about the stories that are attached to the jewelry that Paul gifted me. Those stories will be such treasures to Poppy one day. And he can live on through the oral traditions of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Partnering with J Brooks jewelers and Marco Bicego has been so exciting for me because his jewelry is not only stunning but his process of handcrafting each piece makes it that much more special. Head to my Instagram to enter this giveaway!

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