Cleaning out my social media closet

Lately, I have seen so much criticism in this crazy social media world. What happens when we look at social media is we instantly disconnect from reality and enter into a distorted, curated, perfected idea of what everyone else lives look like. That’s when the comparison is born. The insecurity, the judgment, the stories we tell ourselves about those we follow. It’s natural to do this but I don’t think it has to be this way, I think if we can just be a little more conscious of what we are thinking while browsing we can realize that there is an actual person with feelings behind that picture, and…. would I say to their face what I’m thinking in my head? till you have walked in someone else’s shoes and know exactly what they are going through it’s not your place to shed judgment. If I have learned anything through my life… it’s that. We are all fighting our own battles, big or small. There’s just not room for the judgment. Let’s try to find the compassion in all situations because you NEVER know how you would actually react in a situation till you are handed those cards.

I have realized that I have been unhappy for too long. I am ready to live my best life and just do what feels right in the moment. As I am still picking up the pieces of my life, I’m trying to infuse each piece with love and happiness. I cant say that I am perfect at this. Of course, I have my moments of utter chaos, sadness, and heartache. but I think the most important part is to remember I’m doing my best…. you are doing your best, we are living and trying and taking each day one at a time. That’s all we have to do and that’s good enough.

I have been getting rid of so many of my old clothes, and I was so excited to find Evereve as I am rebuilding and refreshing my closet. I went to their City Creek location was amazed at how the whole store is geared for all mommas alike. They have snacks and a play area for your kids. They help you put outfits together and they sell all my favorite brands.

Just like I am refreshing my closet I am also trying to refresh my mind as I am on social media. Remembering to be happy for the people I follow, instead of being jealous or passing judgment. We are all in this together trying to survive and live our best lives. Let not forget that. So much love to you all!



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  1. Thank you, Ashlee. I have been a victim of cyber bullying for the past two years. It has been devastating, because I feel that I have also been stalked online. I’m aware that I might appear ultra sensitive and maybe even a little crazy since my husband recently became disabled and I am so overwhelmed. These people who have bullied me would never admit that they are bullies. In fact, one of my “friends” is an advocate for rape victims and talks often that rapists are bullies, never realizing that that’s exactly what SHE is.

    Thank you for addressing this issue. We all need to be more understanding of each other. It’s so easy to hide behind our computers and judge others.