Sunday thoughts and Baby moon love 

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them” – Thomas Merton

This quote couldn’t be more true to me, I know In the past I haven’t been perfect at this but if I have learned anything the past few years it’s been to love unconditionally. Sometimes I can get caught up in what I think our life should look like and then I have to remind myself that I love our life because it is imperfect. We do have trials, but I have grown so much from those trials and without them I would still be living in my 19-year-old juvenile mind. Trials suck, but they get us to the good place. I hit six years of marriage yesterday and our story is a wild one. I can’t wait to keep building chapters and creating memories with this kid.

We went to Hawaii on our babymoon and I created a little video of memories. I am no pro at editing or filming for that matter so don’t judge! I just wanted to be able to have something to remember our baby moon and also being pregnant. Happy Sunday! Go give your loved ones a big fat kiss, this is the month of love after all.



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  1. You have been in my heart and prayers the last few months. Life is for sure a wild one. Thank you for letting us peak into your lives as we continue to pray for you and your little sweets! I love this video. Your babe will cherish this I’m sure. Your love is so cute.

  2. it was a beautiful video, you really are wonderful and God has a giant purpose with you! I admire you, for your strength, for your wisdom and for keeping that smile in your soul, despite the pain! help others and inspire lives. God bless you

  3. Made me cry watching this.. thank you for sharing such precious moments and memories, ones to cherish for your lifetime and for your beautiful daughter to watch and see. And thanks for introducing me to Rationale, that voice!! Amen
    Much love ✨